About us

Hello, I’m Brittany, the creator behind Britt’s Sensory World! As a stay-at-home mom of two (ages 4 and 2) and a former school social worker, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of sensory activities in the lives of children. During my time in K-12 schools, sensory play was a valuable tool for calming and expressing emotions. After welcoming my daughter, I discovered the broader benefits of sensory play—enhancing cognitive development, refining fine motor skills, fostering language development, and promoting social skills. Sensory play provides a unique avenue for our little ones to use their senses to explore the world through squishing, stamping, scooping, digging, gripping, squeezing, organizing, communicating, and sharing.

Join my family and me as we curate themed sensory collections, perfect for everyday play, special occasions, and holidays. Our creations are designed to spark joy and facilitate learning and growth. Follow our sensory journey on Instagram @brittssensoryworld for insights into our products and playful ideas. Let’s explore, learn, and create!